JUNE, a 21-year-old artist from Florianopolis, Brazil, is breaking all barriers with her “genre-less” and “un-filtered” music in both English and Portuguese. JUNE absorbs her world-wide audience with gritty yet truthful lyrics, inspired production, and masterful design. 


JUNE released her first EP, “Something Unreal” at the age of 16, with a video of “Yellow Sweater,” which gained tremendous success on YouTube. Due to her early success, JUNE was inspired to endure her musical journey; she followed her heart and continued writing.


In 2017, JUNE released her first Portuguese album, “Diz,” which featured Brazilian artist Tiê on the popular record, “Deixa Eu Te Encountrar.” In addition, JUNE released its’ music video that captures the ‘spirit of life’ for a teenager in Brazil. 


Just a few months after the release of “Diz,” JUNE released her widespread single, “Facing Away,” with a video that caught the attention of industry professionals. But more importantly, “Facing Away” was the start of an international fan base.  


Due to JUNE’s incredible fans, she won the 2017 International Songwriter Competition, People’s Voice category with her single, “Cup of Water.” With equality in mind, this record brings to light the tragic abuse of women all over the world. The winnings from this competition bought JUNE an opportunity to record in Nashville, TN with brilliant musicians at the famous Dark Horse Studio. 


In 2018, JUNE traveled to Nashville, TN to record her latest EP, “One Not One.” JUNE knew she had something special with the new EP and decided not to release it. Instead, JUNE put the EP to the side and began working on other projects such as, “Sad,” a personal yet honest account about the struggle of loneliness.


JUNE started 2019 with a music video for “Cup of Water” and the release of “Facing Away Remix,” which features JUNE’s talented producer, Lucas Romero. Based on the strength of her previous work, JUNE released her EP “One Not One" in the beginning of 2020. Then released the singles "Prejudice", "Love Song" and "Look Me In The Eyes" throughout the year.  JUNE has now more than 250 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and going up.

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