JUNE is now a Sony artist

In September 2019 June signed with Sony Music, one of the biggest labels in the world.

The first work to be released in partnership with Sony was the single “Crazy" that is part of the EP “One Not One” that’ll be released in 2020. This EP was recorded in 2018, at the Dark Horse Institute in Nashville, TN.

The recording was part of the prize from the International Songwriting competition, which JUNE won the “People's Voice” category in 2018.

JUNE has great plans for 2020, with new releases, shows and unforgettable content.


Em setembro de 2019 June assinou com a Sony Music, uma das maiores gravadoras do mundo.

A primeira música a ser lançada em parceria com a Sony foi "Crazy", que faz parte do EP "One not One" que será lançado em 2020. O EP foi gravado em 2018 no estúdio Dark Horse Institute em Nashville, TN.

A gravação do EP foi parte do prêmio do International Songwriting Competition, no qual JUNE ganhou em 2018 na categoria "People's Voice".

JUNE tem grandes planos para 2020, como novos lançamentos, shows e conteúdos inesquecíveis.