LOVE SONG release

Love song has a futuristic electronic vibe, with a strong beat and a catchy chorus accompanied with JUNE’s smooth vocals.

Major References: James Blake & Billie Eilish.

“Love Song came to life as a pure song about love, just as the name states. I wrote it in 2018 when I was madly in love with my ex-girlfriend. I truly believed that we’d be together forever. The song talks about writing a love song to my last one, my last love. Alas, the relationship took a major turn since then and so has the song.

After the relationship ended, I sat down with my producer, Lucs, and we started re-producing the song from the beginning. We added a strong punch, not sounding at all like a love song. I wanted it to feel and sound as aggressive as the breakup. I wanted it to be contradictory, ironic, but at the same time, seductive.

Given these changes, Love Song has become my favorite song and I couldn’t imagine it differently.” says JUNE.